Creating a Travel Blog

I don’t know why I created this blog, except to keep track of my efforts to travel the world, bit by bit. Or at the very least, re-travel the world, to the far-flung places I immensely enjoyed. Nothing, in my mind, is more freeing, more liberating, or as much of a rush to me than getting on a plane and going into the unknown. And the funny thing about that is, it’s not truly the “unknown”. I do TONS of research before I leave for a new place. I study the language, I meet people from there, I plan multiple itineraries, I read forums and articles and websites and other blogs… but there comes a point when you just throw it all to the wind, and just go. That is the point of freedom for me.

When I’m on the road, I stop being a control freak. I leave my ICU nurse mind and my type A personality far behind. Planes can be missed, buses can be wrong, plans can change on a dime… and I just roll with it. I find everything interesting. I find myself even more interesting. I change, personality-wise, from place to place, situation to situation, and eventually I begin to find myself in a completely new way. I begin to wonder who I am under all of the changes I’m able to make on the outside… and of course, that question is the beginning and the absolute purpose of self-discovery.

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