Plans for Morocco

This would be my ideal Moroccan stay- (Four weeks)

Detroit to Marrakech to Casablanca to Detroit: about $1700 before points/discounts
Arrive Marrakech on a Thursday, depart Sunday morning to Casablanca

1. Arrive Marrakech, 3 night stay in Hostel Riad Marrakech Rouge (website) ($11/night), where I plan to explore the city with a guide (to keep down the hassling, because seriously, it’s a lot of hassling, especially as a woman!) Full day guide = $54. Food per day $25.

Transfer Marrakech to Arabic Language School in Rabat via Casablanca airport.
Depart Marrakech on Sunday morning, arrive school in Rabat Sunday afternoon

2 Weeks Intensive Arabic: $488 (includes 2 cultural excursion/week)
2 Weeks school accommodation: $254 (includes breakfast)
Casablanca airport pick-up/drop-off: $76
2 Weeks school lunch: $50

I plan to do two weekend excursions through the school, which includes transportation, accommodation and some meals:
Sahara desert excursion (Fri-Sun): $175
Tangiers, Tetouan, and Chefchaoun (Sat-Sun): $111

Leave Rabat/Casablanca on Monday morning for Detroit
Arrive Detroit on Monday afternoon (going backwards in time)

Total days: 26
Total basic price: $3045

Without language school:

Day 1: Home to Marrakech $1500

Day 2: Arrive Marrakech, transfer to  Marrakech Rouge Hostel: $11/night includes breakfast/wi-fi

Day 3: Full day Marrakech with guide/group, $50 guide

Day 4-6: Day desert excursion through hostel: $200

Day 7: Train to Fez ($35 first class), overnight  Funky Fes Hostel: $17/night includes wifi/breakfast

Day 8: Full day Fez

Day 9: Bus to Chefchaouen (4 hours, $8), stay overnight at Riad Baraka: $18 includes wi-fi

Day 10: Full day Chefchaouen (possible mountain excursion)

Day 11: Bus return to Fez, overnight Funky Fes

Day 12: Train to Marrakech $35 first class, overnight Marrakech Rouge Hostel

Day 13: Depart home

Day 14: Arrive home

Food/drink: $25/day
Souvenirs/taxis/etc: $10/day
Total days: 14

Total $$$: 2415 USD


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