Antarctica trip plan


This is it, the cruise I want to take to see Antarctica, a must-see/must-do before I die trip!}
I really, really had to research this trip. Flying through Buenos Aires was one option, but flights from there to Ushuaia are almost as much as the international flight to Buenos Aires. I tried to figure out if any of the less expensive tours left from anywhere besides Ushuaia, and no, they don’t. Then I realized I could fly to Punta Arenas for the same price as flying to Buenos Aires alone, via Santiago. SCORE!

Day 1: Fly to Punta Arenas via Santiago $1400, overnight Punta Arenas $27
Day 2: Morning bus to Ushuaia (11 hours) $35, overnight Ushuaia $21
Day 3-11: Depart Classic Antarctica with TravelWild or similar program $4500, overnight Ushuaia on return day
Day 12: Bus to Punta Arenas $35, overnight Punta Arenas $27
Day 13: Flight home via Santiago

Entry fee to Argentina: $160
Total cruise days: 9
Total hostel days: 4
Total buses: 2 (11 hours each)
Total flight/transit time: 21 hours

And the cost of my most expensive dream trip is… [[[[ drumroll ]]]]

$6205 (plus spending money)


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