Highway 1 trip details

Day 1 (9/5): Fly Detroit to Medford, OR: $500
Medford to Humboldt (Avenue of Giants) 5 hours 40 min
Spend time at Avenue of Giants $8, caves, drive-thru tree, etc
Overnight Eureka at a bed and breakfast/inn  “Jessica’s Haven” Room $127

Day 2 (9/6): Eureka to San Fran Airport: 5 hours without stops
Car rental- Medford to San Fran (3 days) $199
Drop off car at airport, to hostel  in Golden Gate Park area $42/night 4 bed female dorm
Buy Muni Pass $28 (good for 7 days, all buses, trolleys, and streetcars)

Day 3 (9/7): All day San Francisco (see previous post for my City Pass must-dos, especially Sausolito and Alcatraz ($30)!
Ferry to Sausolito $10 each way,

Day 4 (9/8): More San Fran! Golden Gate park, hopefully meet up with some friends

Day 5 (9/9): Do more stuff in San Fran, leave with a rental car in the late afternoon
Rental car San Fran to L.A. $311
Head to Monterrey (2 hours 15 min no stops)
Overnight Hostel ($27/night)

Day 6 (9/10): Whale watching in morning $50
Drive 45 mins to through Carmel and Big Sur (stopping along the way at the purple beach at Pfeiffer Beach $5, Nitt Witt Ridge (free), and one or two old missions.
Overnight Big Sur at beach hotel $110

Day 7 (9/11): Drive 5 hours to reach Oxnard and Channel Islands
See if we can somehow see seals on Channel Islands $50
Malibu’s World Surfing Reserves at Surfrider Beach $12
Return rental car at LAX, to hostel by Hermosa Beach (dorm total 4 nights $126)
Explore beach time, overnight hostel
LA Metro Pass $20

Day 8 (9/12): Paramount Studio tour (2 hours, $48), Venice Beach boardwalk, Japanese American Museum $8, Hollywood, The Queen Mary $25+, etc etc

Day 9 (9/13): Disneyland! $87

Day 10 (9/14): Beach time and whatever else in LA

Day 11 (9/15): Catalina Island, ziplining $125, town of Avalon overnight $123
Ferry from Long Beach round trip $73

Day 12 (9/16): LAX to home

Total for all prices listed here: $2110

Souvenirs/random: $100
Gas: $200
Food/drink: $30/day (excluding day 12) = $330

Total= $*2740
*cost per person if 2 people using dorms and splitting gas, rental car, and hotels, and park entrance fees: $2310

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