getting familiar with hostelling

A membership for Hostelling International costs $28 per year. I decided to go ahead and get it, after adding up the potential discounts in HI hostels I’ll be using this summer. Basically I save $10 per night, which means I only need 3 nights in a HI hostel to make the membership pay for itself.

Upcoming HI hostels:

San Francisco Fisherman’s Warf (3 nights)

Monterey Hostel (1 night)

I’m staying in one non-HI hostel in California: Surf City Hostel in LA (3 nights)

And one non-HI hostel in NYC: Nesva Hotel in Queens

Possible hostels (in the next year):
Auberge de Jeunesse HI (Montreal, Canada)
HI Quebec City (Quebec, Canada) OR Aubergine Internationale (Quebec, Canada)
HI Niagara Falls (Canada Side)

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