Having a baby… and traveling

I have a new foster baby, you can read all about her on my blog All My Pretty Ones. The baby is 6 weeks old, and although I knew there was the possibility of getting a placement, I planned my summer and fall travels with the assumption that I wouldn’t have a baby.

The flights and hotel for NYC is already paid for, so I will still be going. I have a few babysitting offers to relieve my mother. I hope that I will still be able to enjoy myself even though my mind is on the little peanut!

As far as California goes… I’m still planning to go. I do have reservations made for all of the accommodations, but of course those can be cancelled up to two weeks prior. I will hold off on buying plane tickets for now. Foster care is always a question mark… you never know how long the child will be in your care. It could be weeks or it could be years. I suspect that her case will drag on, but that’s not for sure. If she is still with me I will try to get permission to take her out of the state on vacation. (Her bio mom would have to give permission.) At that point she will be 6 months old. I have no qualms about traveling with a baby or children. In fact, I think it’s fun! The reality is that it might be difficult to get permission.

I’m keeping my reservations for Mackinac Island, and planning to take her with me or find babysitting for two nights. But I’ll probably just take her with me. Five months old isn’t so bad, because they generally are still quite immobile, but happy enough to sit and play with toys on a blanket.

I do not plan on going to Niagara/Montreal/Quebec if I have her because there is NO WAY I can take her out of the country (even if Canada is in my back yard) and I don’t want to leave her after New York and Mackinac, with the possibility of California.

Stay tuned for ‘traveling with baby’ posts!

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