I cancelled the New York City trip.

Oh god, the agony of the decision! In the end, I just couldn’t bring myself to leave an 8-week-old at home. She’s not old enough to take with me, either.

I also began plans for taking her with me to California in September. I had booked hostels in the dorms, and now I am switching to a private room so that I can bring my 6-month-old.

I am now collecting “travel with baby” tips. My trip to Mackinac Island will be a 3 day test run.

Items so far:

When a baby is howling and only a bottle will calm her down, the following will be indespensable:
Enfamil powder packets (for when water is available)
and ready-to-use bottles (for when no water is available)
MEAD_ENFAMIL readytouse

Travel bed:
This is the bed my baby sleeps in now, as an insert into the bassinet, and sometimes in my bed. Eliminates the need for a pack’n’play.



Infantino Flip Carrier:
For carrying baby on back or front


Stroller/car seat:
We’re on a road trip, afterall, so there will be plenty of room in the trunk for a stroller, and a carseat is a must. Also, strollers and carseats check in free at the airport.

White Noise Toy:
White noise is a must with a baby in a hotel, downtown area, or hostel.


Diaper bag, with all items organized in separate baggies:

Baggie 1: Food (ready-to-use formula, packet formula, finger food)
Baggie 2: Bottles, nipples, and pacifiers
Baggie 3: Diapers, wipes, and cream
Baggie 4: small lotion, sunscreen, thermometer, suction bulb, baby tylenol, baby nail clippers
Baggie 5: 2 changes of clothes, sun hat, socks

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