flying to Cali for FREE!

This September my foster daughter and I will be flying to Medford, OR to start our 12 day trip down the California coast. We will finish in LA and fly home from there. The cost of the flights ended up being $550 through US Airways (a little extra for the time of day I wanted, but not much) and I paid for the WHOLE thing with my points from using a Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card. By putting all of my bills on the card for three months, I spent the required amount within the time limit they sent, and earned the sign-on reward. So I simply paid for what I always paid for, just used the credit card and then paid the card.

I feel like this was one of the smartest financial moves I’ve ever made (which maybe doesn’t say much about me). But come on… $550 for free?

One more plug for Chase Sapphire: The points were SO easy to use, you book your flight right through the Ultimate Rewards website, and pay for it there. No hassle or transfers. It looks up all airlines and routes for you. I found a better deal through the rewards website than I did through my usual travel websites!

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