packing list for Cali with a baby

Things I need to take for baby:

Light-weight travel stroller with reclining capability
Stroller lock
Backpack instead of diaper bag
Car seat (sans base) with car seat case
White noise app on phone

Packing cubes for day backpack
Cube 1: Diapers, rash cream, wipes
Cube 2: Change of clothing x2, sun hat, spit up cloth
Cube 3: Bottles/nipples, other baby food
Cube 4: Pacifiers, sunscreen, bulb suction, bandaids, hand sanitizer, etc
Cube 5: Phone charger, pads/tampons, etc
Can of formula
Blanket for cold a/c rooms

Within easy reach: Camera, water bottle

On body: Money, cards, phone

Cans of formula
Baby food pouches
My clothes
Baby blanket for car
Cube 1: Baby’s clothes, spit-up cloths, hats
Cube 2: Camera charger, extra camera chip, batteries, kindle, kindle charger, copies of reservations
Cube 3: Meds, baby tylenol, shampoo/conditioner, baby shampoo, razors, tweezers/mirror, makeup, glasses, spare contacts, chapstick, hair bands, hair brush
Cube 4: Baby toys

For Car
Mirror for carseat (so I can see baby)
Toys for carseat
Music for car

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