camping is the way to go with kids

Having never been big into camping as an adult, I felt I was being a bit adventurous to stay at a KOA campground during our time at Niagara Falls. It’s not exactly wilderness, but we wouldn’t have our own bathroom or a stove or an air conditioner, so I figured it counted. (We actually stayed in a basic cabin, which had electricity, so we weren’t quite roughing it.) Turns out, it was a great decision! Instead of returning to a depressing and sterile hotel room in between excursions, we could relax by a fire or the pool, and the kids had a gated community to run around in.

KOA had everything we needed, and was much more fun than a hotel. This particular KOA had two outdoor pools, one of which was shallow for little people, one heated indoor pool and hot tub, two jump pads, a playground, a store, and a little diner/beer patio. M had probably the best time of her life in the pool, but she also enjoyed the outdoor movie at night, building a fire, jump pads, and riding her scooter to and from the bathroom. I felt so relaxed because she could run around in front of the cabin with no fear of traffic or getting lost. I enjoyed cooking over my single burner Coleman stove and the campfire.

The only drawback was the heat, and that our cabin was in the sun and so got super hot. It was difficult to sleep inside as it was stuffy. Next time, we’ll take a tent and save money, but for slightly less than the price of a hotel room we had a way better experience! I’ll be looking for KOAs or similar campgrounds wherever we go in the future!


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