we still have so many adventures planned!

With two trips under our belt for the year (Tennessee and Niagara Falls), we are only getting started for 2016! This week we are having a staycation, with relatives joining us for the week of July 4th (Independence Day in the states), so we are planning to do the parades, fireworks, bonfires, and swimming. I’ll be enjoying six days off of work! Next week we join my sister and niece for a camping trip to Lake Michigan, including a day at Michigan Adventure, the biggest amusement and water park in the state.

The first week of August I am combining a train trip to Chicago with our flights to the bay area of California. It’s cheaper to fly out of Chicago by hundreds of dollars, and I was planning to take M to Chicago by train anyway, so it’s an all around win. After a four hour train ride, we will spend the rest of the day and the night in the windy city (and repeat on the way back). Then it’s 5 days in California with one of my best friends and her two little boys! While there we plan to visit Muir Forest and Muir Beach, Children’s Fairyland in Oakland, and Rock City, Mt. Diablo.

Even though M’s Montessori class begins again on August 25th, we still have another summer trip planned over Labor Day weekend. We will be visiting our New Jersey relatives via cross country road trip, and spending the night KOA camping going there and back. While there, I plan to spend a day in Central Park, Manhattan  and perhaps Coney Island or the closest beach.

We’ll have a month and a half of enjoying fall activities before our biggest trip yet: Nepal! We leave October 20th, which means missing Halloween, but we’ll be celebrating Dashain and Tihar (two major Nepali festivals/holidays) and it’ll be just as fun! After three and a half weeks in Asia, we will finally be settling in for a few months. The holidays will keep us busy, but by January of 2017 I’m sure I’ll be plotting something else!


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