Michigan’s West Coast

If you’re in the Midwest in the summer, you should be in Western Michigan enjoying the pristine beaches and clean waters of Lake Michigan. No salt, no stinging water creatures, and plenty of perfect beach towns with scenic piers and waterfront eateries. My sister and I kicked back and let the girls swim, build sand castles, and explore the pier and shoreline.

Overnight we camped in a tent. I’m really not a fan of tent camping, and our night in the tent only reinforced that for me. Our air mattress didn’t stay inflated, we were on the hard ground, and it rained with some leakage in the tent. Also, a tent pole broke when we were setting up so had to use some duct tape. Ugh! The evening was lovely though, with a swimming pool, playgrounds, and roasting hot dogs, marshmallows, and corn on the cob over the fire.

We spent a full day at Michigan’s Adventure, which is not only an amusement park but a water park as well. The water park is the best I’ve ever visited, with too many slides and water playgrounds and wave pools to visit in a single day!

My kiddo, it turns out, has developed a fear of heights, so the only dry rides she was willing to ride were the cars that stay firmly on the ground. But at the water park she turned into a total fish, flying down the slides head first, rocking in the wave pool, and basically just exuding pure joy right up until they closed and forced us out!

As always, M is crazy about her big cousin and the girls, while having the usual spats, love each other fiercely, too. It’s adorable to watch them grow together.


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