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When you’re three in Manhattan…

We just had the pleasure of spending a few days in one of my all time favorite places: New York City. We hit up the island of Manhattan twice and went on a full-out playground tour. So what do we recommend doing with preschoolers if you find yourself in Manhattan for a day? I’d say anything […]

how we travel on the cheap

Flights and Air Travel There are lots of ways to travel on the same budget you might have at home, or even less. The first method I use is to put all of my bills and groceries and such on a credit card that gives you good points (I use the Chase Sapphire Preferred), and use […]

St. Louis is for kids!

My uncle got married last weekend, so we turned it into a road trip! I honestly wasn’t expecting much from this city, located in the very center of the continental US. It surprised me, however, with budget-friendly options, beautiful green spaces, and tons of fun for those with children (or without!). And are you wondering […]

flying to Cali for FREE!

This September my foster daughter and I will be flying to Medford, OR to start our 12 day trip down the California coast. We will finish in LA and fly home from there. The cost of the flights ended up being $550 through US Airways (a little extra for the time of day I wanted, […]

getting familiar with hostelling

A membership for Hostelling International costs $28 per year. I decided to go ahead and get it, after adding up the potential discounts in HI hostels I’ll be using this summer. Basically I save $10 per night, which means I only need 3 nights in a HI hostel to make the membership pay for itself. […]

Two Local Summer Trips

I realize as I plot my next around the world adventure that I’ve hardly done my own region much justice. North America has never interested me in the slightest… until now. Now that I realize that being in the midst of a very high risk pregnancy limits me somewhat, I have to plan adventures a […]

NYC final plans

Getting there and back: Airfare has been booked to NYC La Guardia: Flying out at 6am May 4th arriving NYC at 10:30am. Total cost per person: $229.60 (Cost had a lot to do with our very specific preferences for times and days). Accommodations: Nesva Hotel in Queens: $45/person/night = $90 for two nights (1 person) […]

Highway 1 trip details

Day 1 (9/5): Fly Detroit to Medford, OR: $500 Medford to Humboldt (Avenue of Giants) 5 hours 40 min Spend time at Avenue of Giants $8, caves, drive-thru tree, etc Overnight Eureka at a bed and breakfast/inn  “Jessica’s Haven” Room $127 Day 2 (9/6): Eureka to San Fran Airport: 5 hours without stops Car rental- Medford to San Fran (3 […]


To be honest, if I had a million dollars, a chunk of it would go to my REAL dream Antarctica adventure: entering the antarctic circle and seeing the REAL, secluded, desolate, other-worldly Antarctica. Cruises run over $11,000 plus airfare to New Zealand from the States (I don’t even want to know right now). 

Antarctica trip plan

T This is it, the cruise I want to take to see Antarctica, a must-see/must-do before I die trip!} I really, really had to research this trip. Flying through Buenos Aires was one option, but flights from there to Ushuaia are almost as much as the international flight to Buenos Aires. I tried to figure […]