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Back to San Fran!

My second trip to San Francisco and the bay area only cemented in my mind the fact that this is THE place for me. The coastal beaches, mountains, and redwood groves are places I get lost in, and the city’s vibe is one that matches my own. When I see moms and kids with bare […]

San Francisco baby!

I spent three lovely days in SF, and I enjoyed the vibe here so much that I almost wished I was just spending the rest of my vacation here! The neighborhoods with their painted multi-story houses, clean streets, and numerous parks make this a city I could almost imagine myself living in (I’m so not […]

Eats in NYC

Chinatown: Nom Wah Tea Parlor, the first dim sum parlor in NYC. Because my first visit to Chinatown must include food, and I want it to be something a bit more authentic and historically signifigant than Lucky Garden! Little Italy:¬†Lombardi’s, for authentic New York pizza. Because really… this is the birthplace of American pizza, and […]

yet another Chinatown to see

Chinatown in Montreal, Canada.¬†Quartier Chinois.¬†Centered around St. Laurence Avenue, this neighborhood was originally home to ethnic Jews until after 1920, when Chinese refugees began to make up the majority of the area’s population.

Chinatown vs. Chinatown

Looking forward to seeing Chinatown this May in New York City: And Chinatown in San Francisco in September: