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autumn in the midwest

Summer in Michigan is beautiful, but I think autumn in the Midwest is my favorite time of year in any place on the planet. Knowing we are leaving for a life of traveling makes me appreciate this last spectacular season at “home”. Who knows when the next fall we spend in Michigan will be? It […]

Michigan’s West Coast

If you’re in the Midwest in the summer, you should be in Western Michigan enjoying the pristine beaches and clean waters of Lake Michigan. No salt, no stinging water creatures, and plenty of perfect beach towns with scenic piers and waterfront eateries. My sister and I kicked back and let the girls swim, build sand […]

travel with toddler, by car?

This is some serious budget travelling I’m about to embark on here! Long ramble about money ahead… I have been trying to figure out how I can travel, with my toddler, without breaking the bank… because to be honest, I have never quite caught up with the extra money I spent in California on our […]

my infatuation with the D

The D, D-Town, Motown, the Motor City. Detroit. Is there really a more fascinating, more disturbing, more inspiring historical city in the country, maybe even the world? A city that with the infrastructure meant to support 2 million sits mostly empty on even the busiest day. It never fails to touch me deeply as I drive […]

London! (No, not that London.)

I packed up my car for the day and made a dash for the border, the Canadian border, that is, for a rendezvous with a fellow blogger and good friend (she writes at Solo Mama, FYI). Although the purpose of my visit was purely social, it was also nice to get out of my comfort zone […]

Having a baby… and traveling

I have a new foster baby, you can read all about her on my blog All My Pretty Ones. The baby is 6 weeks old, and although I knew there was the possibility of getting a placement, I planned my summer and fall travels with the assumption that I wouldn’t have a baby. The flights […]

Two Local Summer Trips

I realize as I plot my next around the world adventure that I’ve hardly done my own region much justice. North America has never interested me in the slightest… until now. Now that I realize that being in the midst of a very high risk pregnancy limits me somewhat, I have to plan adventures a […]