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we still have so many adventures planned!

With two trips under our belt for the year (Tennessee and Niagara Falls), we are only getting started for 2016! This week we are having a staycation, with relatives joining us for the week of July 4th (Independence Day in the states), so we are planning to do the parades, fireworks, bonfires, and swimming. I’ll […]

parenting: my next great adventure

People always say, “When you have children, you won’t be able to remember what you did with your time before they came along!” That, my friends, did not prove to be true with me. I remember exactly what I did. A whole lot of sleeping, too much sleeping in fact. (Now I am balancing that out with […]

packing list for Cali with a baby

Things I need to take for baby: Light-weight travel stroller with reclining capability Stroller lock Backpack instead of diaper bag Car seat (sans base) with car seat case White noise app on phone Packing cubes for day backpack Cube 1: Diapers, rash cream, wipes Cube 2: Change of clothing x2, sun hat, spit up cloth […]

Highway 1 Roadtrip (Revised for baby)

If there’s something I’ve been learning with even just day trips with my little one, it’s that you shouldn’t have more than one goal for the trip. Plan to do more than that, and baby’s tantrums, mealtimes, and other demands are bound to get in the way. Knowing myself to be a big-time activity crammer […]

Having a baby… and traveling

I have a new foster baby, you can read all about her on my blog All My Pretty Ones. The baby is 6 weeks old, and although I knew there was the possibility of getting a placement, I planned my summer and fall travels with the assumption that I wouldn’t have a baby. The flights […]