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Niagara Falls on a summer weekend

This summer adventure was a meet up with fellow blogger Lindsay of Solo Mama Life (now private). This was our third meet up since we both began blogging as single moms-to-be, many a year ago! Our girls are the same age and got along swimmingly when we visited Toronto last year, but this year was […]

camping is the way to go with kids

Having never been big into camping as an adult, I felt I was being a bit adventurous to stay at a KOA campground during our time at Niagara Falls. It’s not exactly wilderness, but we wouldn’t have our own bathroom or a stove or an air conditioner, so I figured it counted. (We actually stayed […]

London! (No, not that London.)

I packed up my car for the day and made a dash for the border, the Canadian border, that is, for a rendezvous with a fellow blogger and good friend (she writes at Solo Mama, FYI). Although the purpose of my visit was purely social, it was also nice to get out of my comfort zone […]

getting familiar with hostelling

A membership for Hostelling International costs $28 per year. I decided to go ahead and get it, after adding up the potential discounts in HI hostels I’ll be using this summer. Basically I save $10 per night, which means I only need 3 nights in a HI hostel to make the membership pay for itself. […]

yet another Chinatown to see

Chinatown in Montreal, Canada. Quartier Chinois. Centered around St. Laurence Avenue, this neighborhood was originally home to ethnic Jews until after 1920, when Chinese refugees began to make up the majority of the area’s population.

Two Local Summer Trips

I realize as I plot my next around the world adventure that I’ve hardly done my own region much justice. North America has never interested me in the slightest… until now. Now that I realize that being in the midst of a very high risk pregnancy limits me somewhat, I have to plan adventures a […]

a place I never thought I’d add to the list…

Tazmania. Cause it looks like this:

Must see destination:

Weld Clay Clan Jetties of Penang in Georgetown, Malaysia

Antarctica trip plan

T This is it, the cruise I want to take to see Antarctica, a must-see/must-do before I die trip!} I really, really had to research this trip. Flying through Buenos Aires was one option, but flights from there to Ushuaia are almost as much as the international flight to Buenos Aires. I tried to figure […]


Another must see place for me! I’ve read good things about the atmosphere in the town as well.