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places I’ll go with a tour

I want to go to Masada. One of my all-time favorite books is The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman, and so I now feel a very strong connection to that place. I’m not exactly sure that I need to be a part of a tour group to visit Israel, but I DO feel that I need […]

Antarctica trip plan

T This is it, the cruise I want to take to see Antarctica, a must-see/must-do before I die trip!} I really, really had to research this trip. Flying through Buenos Aires was one option, but flights from there to Ushuaia are almost as much as the international flight to Buenos Aires. I tried to figure […]

Plans for Morocco

This would be my ideal Moroccan stay- (Four weeks) Detroit to Marrakech to Casablanca to Detroit: about $1700 before points/discounts Arrive Marrakech on a Thursday, depart Sunday morning to Casablanca 1. Arrive Marrakech, 3 night stay in Hostel Riad Marrakech RougeĀ (website) ($11/night), where I plan to explore the city with a guide (to keep down […]