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daily life in Nepal

What makes living in Nepal so different from our life in the USA? So, so much! Waking up We started our day with the crowing of neighborhood roosters. This is how we ended the day before, and also how we spent the night, since the roosters never stop crowing. Also, the sounds of bells ringing […]

travel musings on Nepal with a three-year-old

Flights I was dreading the 14 hour flights, the layovers, and the jet lag. As it turned out, the flights weren’t nearly as bad as I’d feared. Somehow, the time passed and my kiddo did really well with her ipad and toys and the in-seat entertainment system. We had a few rough patches but… really, […]

preparing for travel nursing

I’ve had many, many people (co-workers, family, friends) ask me about my future as a travel nurse in January. Most people ask, “Where are you going first?” or some variation of this question. The answer is, “I don’t know yet, it’s complicated.” This is followed by a lengthy, not always interesting explanation of how this […]

ten reasons I’m leaving my regular life for full-time travel

By Christmas I will have said goodbye to my employer of 8 years, and hello to a new life of full-time travel! Why am I willing to trade in comfort for adventure? What could possibly make me, a single mother, do something so crazy? Here are ten reasons why I’m taking the leap: 1. Traveling […]