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from Michigan to California by car

Well, the day finally came. We packed up everything we thought we’d need for the road and the new apartment, loaded up the cat, and off we went! Was it hard? No, not really. M is excellent in the car, she rarely complained. She was confused about where we were going and why, though. We […]

When you’re three in Manhattan…

We just had the pleasure of spending a few days in one of my all time favorite places: New York City. We hit up the island of Manhattan twice and went on a full-out playground tour. So what do we recommend doing with preschoolers if you find yourself in Manhattan for a day? I’d say¬†anything […]

East Bay area: what to do

We were staying with our friends about an hour’s drive east of San Francisco in San Ramon. We didn’t want to drive to the city every day, of course, so I found several great things to do that were closer. The first thing, of course, was hanging out with the friends we miss and enjoying […]

Back to San Fran!

My second trip to San Francisco and the bay area only cemented in my mind the fact that this is THE place for me. The coastal beaches, mountains, and redwood groves are places I get lost in, and the city’s vibe is one that matches my own. When I see moms and kids with bare […]

Michigan’s West Coast

If you’re in the Midwest in the summer, you should be in Western Michigan enjoying the pristine beaches and clean waters of Lake Michigan. No salt, no stinging water creatures, and plenty of perfect beach towns with scenic piers and waterfront eateries. My sister and I kicked back and let the girls swim, build sand […]

The road to Tennessee

After a 9-hour road trip with littles, I have to say, I prefer flying. On the other hand, I like having my own car in the places that I’m going and the benefit of having a giant suitcase on wheels to throw all of our stuff in. It was great that I got to spend […]

the little angel of Burlington

I’m recovering from a bad GI bug since our return from Vermont, but I really just want to write about how much fun it was, once again, to travel with my daughter. We had a rough week the week of Thanksgiving, what with the pressures of the holiday and my working three days in a […]

NYC with a toddler

Kiddo was up at 6:30, an hour before her usual time. We showered, had granola cereal, and I tried hard to keep her from destroying our host’s home while getting ready. Our first stop was the Staten Island Ferry, and a free peek at the statue. Not only does M like the “choo choo” (subway), […]

St. Louis is for kids!

My uncle got married last weekend, so we turned it into a road trip! I honestly wasn’t expecting much from this city, located in the very center of the continental US. It surprised me, however, with budget-friendly options, beautiful green spaces, and tons of fun for those with children (or without!). And are you wondering […]

travel with toddler, by car?

This is some serious budget travelling I’m about to embark on here! Long ramble about money ahead… I have been trying to figure out how I can travel, with my toddler, without breaking the bank… because to be honest, I have never quite caught up with the extra money I spent in California on our […]