By Christmas I will have said goodbye to my employer of 8 years, and hello to a new life of full-time travel! Why am I willing to trade in comfort for adventure? What could possibly make me, a single mother, do something so crazy? Here are ten reasons why I’m taking the leap: 1. Traveling […]

We were staying with our friends about an hour’s drive east of San Francisco in San Ramon. We didn’t want to drive to the city every day, of course, so I found several great things to do that were closer. The first thing, of course, was hanging out with the friends we miss and enjoying […]

My second trip to San Francisco and the bay area only cemented in my mind the fact that this is THE place for me. The coastal beaches, mountains, and redwood groves are places I get lost in, and the city’s vibe is one that matches my own. When I see moms and kids with bare […]

Flights and Air Travel There are lots of ways to travel on the same budget you might have at home, or even less. The first method I use is to put all of my bills and groceries and such on a credit card that gives you good points (I use the Chase Sapphire Preferred), and use […]

Is it easier traveling on an airplane with a preschooler than with a toddler? The short answer is yes. Why? Longer attention span. Play-doh, coloring, and iPad games definitely keep her attention much longer at 3 1/2 than they did at 2 1/2. She can also be bribed as well as understand to a degree […]

Earlier this year we upgraded to a Britax Frontier Clicktight in my car, which has a steel frame and weighs almost 25 lbs. With a trip to San Francisco coming up in which we will need to take a taxi in the middle of the night in a hotel room (before a friend picks us up […]

If you’re in the Midwest in the summer, you should be in Western Michigan enjoying the pristine beaches and clean waters of Lake Michigan. No salt, no stinging water creatures, and plenty of perfect beach towns with scenic piers and waterfront eateries. My sister and I kicked back and let the girls swim, build sand […]

With two trips under our belt for the year (Tennessee and Niagara Falls), we are only getting started for 2016! This week we are having a staycation, with relatives joining us for the week of July 4th (Independence Day in the states), so we are planning to do the parades, fireworks, bonfires, and swimming. I’ll […]

This summer adventure was a meet up with fellow blogger Lindsay of Solo Mama Life (now private). This was our third meet up since we both began blogging as single moms-to-be, many a year ago! Our girls are the same age and got along swimmingly when we visited Toronto last year, but this year was […]

Having never been big into camping as an adult, I felt I was being a bit adventurous to stay at a KOA campground during our time at Niagara Falls. It’s not exactly wilderness, but we wouldn’t have our own bathroom or a stove or an air conditioner, so I figured it counted. (We actually stayed […]