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Highway 1: The Ultimate Road Trip?

As I was looking at options for US adventure (can’t leave the country with your foster children), I began to research Highway 1 and what all it would entail. Connecting two major cities and cultural hot spots (San Francisco and LA), it seemed to have it all on paper. I like to drive, my baby […]

flying to Cali for FREE!

This September my foster daughter and I will be flying to Medford, OR to start our 12 day trip down the California coast. We will finish in LA and fly home from there. The cost of the flights ended up being $550 through US Airways (a little extra for the time of day I wanted, […]

Having a baby… and traveling

I have a new foster baby, you can read all about her on my blog All My Pretty Ones. The baby is 6 weeks old, and although I knew there was the possibility of getting a placement, I planned my summer and fall travels with the assumption that I wouldn’t have a baby. The flights […]

getting familiar with hostelling

A membership for Hostelling International costs $28 per year. I decided to go ahead and get it, after adding up the potential discounts in HI hostels I’ll be using this summer. Basically I save $10 per night, which means I only need 3 nights in a HI hostel to make the membership pay for itself. […]

nude beaches in Cali

I’m not sure I can pass up the opportunity to run around without any clothes on… I’ve gone topless at Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival before, it was awesome! Some nude beaches I’ll be passing right by on my big West Coast trip: North Baker Beach in San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Beach Devil’s Slide (Grey […]

Highway 1 trip details

Day 1 (9/5): Fly Detroit to Medford, OR: $500 Medford to Humboldt (Avenue of Giants) 5 hours 40 min Spend time at Avenue of Giants $8, caves, drive-thru tree, etc Overnight Eureka at a bed and breakfast/inn  “Jessica’s Haven” Room $127 Day 2 (9/6): Eureka to San Fran Airport: 5 hours without stops Car rental- Medford to San Fran (3 […]

my pregnancy back-up plan

Things to do on a road trip down highway 1 (not in order): 1. Whale watching in Monterrey Bay. 2. Avenue of the Giants- 31 miles through the redwoods forest in Humboldt Redwoods State Park. Of course there is a drive-thru tree as well. To go along with this, I simply must stay at least one […]

need a new (safer) plan

My plan is to go back to Turkey for my September vacation. BUT. If you read my other blog, you’ll know that I’m TTC’ing at the same time. Having lost my daughter, I am terrified to do ANYTHING during pregnancy, let alone travel. But I can’t just go nowhere! So, I need a back-up travel […]