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Highway 1 trip details

Day 1 (9/5): Fly Detroit to Medford, OR: $500 Medford to Humboldt (Avenue of Giants) 5 hours 40 min Spend time at Avenue of Giants $8, caves, drive-thru tree, etc Overnight Eureka at a bed and breakfast/inn  “Jessica’s Haven” Room $127 Day 2 (9/6): Eureka to San Fran Airport: 5 hours without stops Car rental- Medford to San Fran (3 […]

my pregnancy back-up plan

Things to do on a road trip down highway 1 (not in order): 1. Whale watching in Monterrey Bay. 2. Avenue of the Giants- 31 miles through the redwoods forest in Humboldt Redwoods State Park. Of course there is a drive-thru tree as well. To go along with this, I simply must stay at least one […]