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Having a baby… and traveling

I have a new foster baby, you can read all about her on my blog All My Pretty Ones. The baby is 6 weeks old, and although I knew there was the possibility of getting a placement, I planned my summer and fall travels with the assumption that I wouldn’t have a baby. The flights […]

Eats in NYC

Chinatown: Nom Wah Tea Parlor, the first dim sum parlor in NYC. Because my first visit to Chinatown must include food, and I want it to be something a bit more authentic and historically signifigant than Lucky Garden! Little Italy:┬áLombardi’s, for authentic New York pizza. Because really… this is the birthplace of American pizza, and […]

what to wear in NYC

It’s going to be May, so it could be chilly, or it could be warm. Outfit #1: Dress with Jean Jacket, can be worn with leggings and a sweater under the jacket if it’s cold. Outfit #2: Skinny jeans with tank top, scarf, and cool hat. Wear with flat shoes. Can switch to boots and […]

NYC final plans

Getting there and back: Airfare has been booked to NYC La Guardia: Flying out at 6am May 4th arriving NYC at 10:30am. Total cost per person: $229.60 (Cost had a lot to do with our very specific preferences for times and days). Accommodations: Nesva Hotel in Queens: $45/person/night = $90 for two nights (1 person) […]

Chinatown vs. Chinatown

Looking forward to seeing Chinatown this May in New York City: And Chinatown in San Francisco in September:

NYC activity ideas

My last trip to NYC was super fun and super fast. I was basically trying to hit all the main sites so that my best pal could see them for the first time. Things we didn’t get to do: The Met, Museum of Natural History, and Ellis Island. I think a really cool museum that […]

money rolling in

I just got the first paycheck that had some overtime in it. I was able to pay off all my bills/credit cards (I wasn’t budgeting well right after my daughter died, for obvious reasons.) Now I’m free to start saving up for the memorial garden and the gravestone. I think after 2 paychecks I will […]

little plans

I’m thinking of doing a small, quick weekend trip to NYC again with one of my besties. We didn’t do a lot of the museums last time. This time we want to stay in a hostel. We’ll wait for a great airfare deal of course… I’m not sure when my next “big” trip will be, […]