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first vacation request

I requested the following dates (it’s a complicated process being granted vacation time as a union nurse): September 4th through the 18th. Two weeks. If granted, I will then wait for that schedule request period (the month before) and try to give away the following week for PTO, to give myself three weeks.

money rolling in

I just got the first paycheck that had some overtime in it. I was able to pay off all my bills/credit cards (I wasn’t budgeting well right after my daughter died, for obvious reasons.) Now I’m free to start saving up for the memorial garden and the gravestone. I think after 2 paychecks I will […]


I was so excited to find some other drivers in my area to ride to work with. We drive 50 miles one way to get to work… so it’s a huge help with saving gas money! On the overtime front, I worked 12 hours of overtime last week, and I’m signed up for 12-36 hours […]