Like many middle-class Americans, I got my start traveling in Europe, with my grandparents and then through a high school French club. Longing for more, I traveled alone to Nepal at age 19, where I fell in love with the people, language and culture. In 2005 I received a full scholarship to study the Nepali language at University of Wisconsin in Madison. I returned to the country three more times, including as an interpreter and nurse on a medical trek. In 2012 I visited Turkey, including its Southeast region and once again found myself in love with another culture and language.

Being a foster mom kept me in the USA for several years, but in 2014 I “retired” from fostering and my daughter and I were free to see the world. My free spirited girl has already been on countless planes, trains, and road trips and by the age of 4 she will have been to three continents, four countries, and ten major international cities!

In December of 2016 I am leaving my full-time job in Michigan to travel full-time with my daughter and my mom. I can’t wait to see where life takes us next!

2009 april 17 559

In rural Solukhumbu region, Nepal


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  1. What is your good name?

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