places I don’t want to go

If it doesn’t call to me, really truly make me get fist-pumping excited to go there, then I won’t go. I just have too many places on my list that get me completely high when I think about going there, to divert money and time to a place that isn’t on said list. Unless the trip is free, of course. Like the time I went to Mexico, I couldn’t exactly turn down going to a country I’ve never visited to without having to spend a dime.

Some of the places I DON’T need to see are often places high up on other travelers’ must-do lists. Places like…

1. Australia


Many of my family and friends have gone and absolutely raved about their time down under. Most bloggers spend weeks if not longer here. There’s nothing wrong with Australia. In fact it looks like a lovely place with tons to do. It just doesn’t speak to me.

Same with New Zealand.

2. The Bahamas/Jamaica/other islands in Caribbean


What could be more relaxing than day after day on a white sandy beach? BORING! Too touristy. Too beachy. Too, I don’t know, slow-paced! (For me.)

Similarily, I’m not attracted much to the famous beaches of Thailand or other island nations of Southeast Asia. I would love to experience the cultures of these places, and a few days relaxing on a gorgeous beach would be just fine, but not as the sole purpose of my trip, and definitely not at a resort!

4. Luxury cruises


Ew. Stuck on a boat, unable to do my own thing. Sounds awful, I don’t care how many stops they make, or how many water slides are on board, or what kind of shows they have!

5. Spain


A place full of history, culture, beautiful coastlines and interesting architecture, I just can’t get into it. Same with Portugal.

6. Central and South America


I realize that I’m blowing off a whole continent here, a continent that features some of the most spectacular and diverse landscapes in the world… but, I don’t know. I make an exception for Patagonia and seeing the Amazon rainforest. After that, I’m just… bleh. I’m not drawn to it. It doesn’t grab me when other bloggers spend month after month here.

All this being said, I’m not sure some of my top picks would draw many other travelers. Places such as North Korea and Antarctica, to name a few!


  1. Great list! Although honestly, I’ll go anywhere! I agree that I’ve never been too crazy about going to Australia, but that would be my last continent, so I do want to go. I have been to Cuba, which is technically in the Carribean, but I’m not super interested in most of the other islands. We spent some time in Argentina over Christmas, mainly in Tierra del Feugo, and would highly recommend it. It was beautiful. And Antarctica is a must! We just went over Christmas, and it was the most amazing! We’ve looked at a few North Korean tours, so I’ll see you there 🙂

  2. Sarah · · Reply

    I completely identify with what you’re saying (I can’t see saving and planning for somewhere I’m not excited about either!) but just wanted to toss in that I had zero interest in Asia – then the military sent me to Japan and SE Asia… I freaking loved it!! I can’t wait to go back someday. I would’ve missed out on so much if I hadn’t been forced to go. All of which you’ve basically addressed with saying you’d go almost anywhere if you could go free, so I’m not really saying anything you haven’t thought of already. But it did open my mind significantly toward places I would’ve dissed before that experience.

    1. Totally! In fact, I could win a free trip to Australia, go to Spain because my travel buddy wants to, or end up on a cruise, and totally LOVE it. Definitely! I just prioritize the trips I’m already fired up about. Good point!

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