willing to pay more for a good layover with children

Well, I did it! I purchased my daughter’s first ever airline tickets to Asia! I’m so excited to take her to a place I love so much: Nepal. It’s been seven years since I’ve been there, and I’m more than ready. My family and friends there will take good care of us, of that I have no doubt, but traveling with a young child for so long will present its own unique challenges. On our trip to Germany last summer, I learned the hard way that short layovers with a little one who can walk is just a bad idea. You need long layovers not only so that you have a chance to relax, collect yourself, and find a play area for the kid, but also to avoid missing future flights and therefore standing in long lines with a kid who is anxious to move around.

I think I made smarter plans this time. I had my heart set on Singapore’s international airport, for pure entertainment factor alone. That option has just not been financially possible so far, and when I saw great prices through Canada Air via Hong Kong, I jumped on them. We have 5 hour layovers in Toronto (where there are several play areas at least) and 10-14 hour layovers in Hong Kong, where I booked us a day room each time in the airport hotel (won’t even have to leave the terminals!). Hopefully we will get some sleep, or at the very least a shower and a swim in the hotel pool. From there we take our final flight to Kathmandu, only five hours away, via one of my favorite airlines (Cathay Pacific).

What’s to love about Hong Kong International Airport with kids?

  • Children’s TV Lounges: Located near Gate 1, 15, 41 and 60, Departures Level, Terminal 1 near Gate 210 and 212, Departures Level, Midfield Concourse
  • Children’s Play Areas: climbing structures, puzzles and toys located netween Gate 23 and 25, Departures Level, Terminal 1 and between Gate 509 and 510, Departures Level, North Satellite Concourse
  • Aviation Discovery Center: High tech interactive area devoted to aviation, looks like lots of fun!
  • Dream Come True Education Park: This is basically a children’s museum with all of the play areas being devoted to “pretending”.
  • Hong Kong Regal Airport Hotel: an outdoor playground, outdoor pool, and indoor pool means not only will you have a place to lay your head in the dark and actually sleep, but you’ll have a few other ways to get energy out of your little people! They also offer a “day room” option, should your layover not take place overnight.

Whew! I don’t even know if we’ll have enough time in 14 hours to sleep and do even half of these things, but it will sure beat chasing a kid around a terminal for all that time!

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